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Determinedly implementing the concept of sustainable development and integrating the trinity of developments of the community, natural environment and social harmony,Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd. has successively passed major international and domestic certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHAS18000, TL9000, etc. The consolidated efforts have won the Company massive national and regional honors such as National Level Hi-tech Enterprise, Top 100 Chinese Electronics and Information Company, Top 100 Shenzhen Industrial Enterprise, Leading Private Company of Shenzhen, Enterprise Technology Center, District Chief Award for Quality of Shenzhen, Top 100 Tax Contributor, etc.

Titles and awards
National Level Hi-tech Enterprise
Top 100 Chinese Electronics & Information Company
Top 10 Shenzhen Industrial Enterprise
Leading Private Company of Shenzhen
Enterprise Technology Center of Shenzhen
Provincial Science and Technology Award of Guangdong
District Chief Award for Quality of Shenzhen


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